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About Us

A developing country like India which has been a colony tends to carry a colonial hangover in the form of administration that is not always geared to look at development process and problems form the optic of the ruled but often ends up reinforcing the power and the perspective of the ruling. Those who wish to narrow this distance can do so either from within or with greater degree of flexibility and challenge from without Mr. Manoharan the founder decided to take the latter route. He crystallized his aspirations in the form GRAMODAYA. Gramodaya has efforts to improving the nutrition level of malnourished or underweight children in our existing project area and enhancing their quality of education. These objectives are sought to be realized through nutrition intervention kits to all eligible 770 children twice in a month as also 45 needy pregnant and lactating mothers nutrition education and demonstration to mothers numbering over 450, special evening class tuitions for more than 700 school going children special camps and classes to children to improve their participation and hidden talents providing libraries and tuition shelters for facilitating their study environment as well as health camps for children and their mothers. The project seeks LEBARA to include 264 additional children(current 520 plus 264) of female sex workers. These children include also the children living with HIV and children affected with HIV. The proposed project intervention shall result in increased number of normal weight children by 10 percent over the year 50% of children affected by HIV shall be stress free. Other important results shall be increased number of children realizing the standard level of understanding of their subjects and more number of LEBARA children participating in school activities

Dr. M.L.E.Manoharan
Founder and Director

S. Daisy Nirmala
Former secretary

Ms. S. Regina Mary


Building a society free from exploitation that is just through facilitating development reaching the last man


Gramodaya has so far formed 2165 groups and supported women for IGP to the tune of Rs.12.2 billion since its first group formation in 1997 in 5 blocks and one municipality of our operating districts –Tiruchirappalli, Pudukkottai and Karur at Rs 563510/ credit for a group. The total number of beneficiaries from all programs over the period is 33724.
Tamilnadu Women Development Corporation’s Mahalir Thittam, IGP from THADCO, Health and Nutrition program for children from, Action Children AID, IGSSS, for leadership programs, TNSACS for HIV/AIDS intervention, RCH programs are major programs over these years. The average annual turnover for the last 10 year period has been Rs 16.7 lakhs at an average cost of Rs. 500/- incurred per beneficiary.

Programs and Achievements

Facilitating all round development to reach the bottom of the society by keeping human values and principles propounded by Mahatma Gandhi. Gramodaya’s efforts are making the beneficiary population to gain strength through working groups and developing their skills to meet their challenges of object poverty, lack of knowledge and access to health and education, discrimination and isolation. These efforts have been through skills and program trainings, Income Generating Programs, awareness and advocacy programs as also leadership programs especially among the women.


Gramodaya is a society registered under the Society’s Registration Act (Regtn.No.9/982) with 11 elected executive members governing the organization with an election for every Year. These executive members are experienced in social work and 3 of them are from the beneficiary community. Further, Gramodaya has community represented monitoring committees in specific projects wherever felt necessary. The executive committee is meeting once in three months and reviews the programs and ratifies the budget and expenses as required.

Awards and Recognitions

Gramodaya has also served in several district level committees in the districts of Trichy, Pudukottai, Karur working as member and chair person and has contributed its share in district level decision and policies.

  • Best Practices Award from NACO
  • State Runner Award and Best Gandhian NGO Award.
  • Star Performance Award from State Bank of India (Manaparai Taluk) for Linkage of women Self Help Group with SBI
  • Best Performance Award from Indian Overseas Bank (Manaparai Taluk) for Linkage of women Self Help Group with IOB
  • Best Performance Award from Indian Overseas Bank (Thogamalai Taluk) for Linkage of women Self Help Group with IOB
  • Award received from District Administrator for TSUNAMI Relief and Rehabilitation services
  • Best Peer Education Award of STI/HIV Awareness and Prevention for Migrant Interventions
  • AIDS Awareness Rally – 1995