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Success Stories

Tiruchirappalli District – Manaparai Block

My name is Lathaaged 34 Years. I am living in Vaiyampatti village in Tiruchirapally District with my Husband and three daughters. My Husband has no regular job and is a daily coolie. My family suffered without regular income and I am unable to pay even the school fees of my daughters. I wanted to work but could not find any source of job or revenue. Gramodaya Guided and motivated me to join in SHG. Through this, we applied for loan for income generating activities. Gramodaya also provided us training in tailoring and we started a tailoring institute in a rental building and trained other 50 women. Later, we started our own enterprise and got contract from nearby textiles. Like us, many women used this self-approach, supported their family and this economic status also rising.

Viralimalai Pudukottai District
STI /HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control project

My name is Vellaiyammal residing in virallur village near viralimalai. I am having two children. My husband working as a bore well laborer and he go other states for his work. He comes once in a year but he spends all his salary for consuming alcohol. So I am facing problems to run my family. At that time, I have joined as a construction laborer in Trichy. In my work place, I involve myself in sex work with other colleagues and they fulfilled all my needs. Through this, I get to know many customers and fully I involved in sex work. I was earning more income as sex worker than as a construction laborer. So I was spending my days as a sex worker. Out Reach Workers from Gramodaya met and advised me to follow safer sex method. I suffered with loss of appetite and tiredness. I shared these health issues to the outreach worker, they gave counseling regarding ICTC test and suggest me to take the test in GH. So I went GH for testing and I came to know that I am infected with HIV. I was worried and upset. I felt ashamed before my relatives. At that time, Gramodaya outreach workers console me and take to me to the hospital. My CD4 count was low so they advised me to consume ART medication. So I am consuming ART medication. In the meantime, my husband became ill. Through checkup we came to know that he also infected with HIV virus. Because of his low immune power, he also advised to take ART medication. Till now we both are consuming ART medication. Due to low CD4 count, he suffered continuously with opportunity disease. Gramodaya outreach workers take him to Fathima Nagar – Shanthi home for treatment. Now he is getting better. Gramodaya outreach workers gave regular counseling. Now I am leading a peaceful life.

Children Development Project

My name is Velmurugan and my sister name is Baby Shalini. My father died in 2009 and my mother was remarried and left us. At present we are under the guardian of my grandmother. She grows us through her daily wage earnings. My sister goes school and I have not attended the school. Gramodaya Team along with the support of LEBARA team visited our area and met me and my grandmother. They counseled us on the importance of school education and also they looked for the possibilities of readmitting me at the school. The team also met the headmaster of Government High School, Kavalkaranpatti and requested them to admit me. Now, by these efforts I am going to school.