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Child Education, Nutrition & Health

Child Education, Nutrition and health programme being undertaken with ACA`s donations in this area has sparked the social consciousness among the p....

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PCE Project

Population, Consumption and Environment (PCE) pilot Project supported by DANIDA (1995-2001) one of the largest projects with finance and man power in Manaparai Taluk. This project has not faced any difficulty (financial. Man power, cooperation both from Government Departments and People). At the ..

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RCH Project

Gramodaya as a Voluntary Organization concentrating in this Manaparai Taluk in various development programmes, decided to intervene RCH programme a....

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Mahalir Thittam (Trichy & Karur)

Community Served

Besides providing a no. of constitutional safeguards, the govt. has created an effective institutional frame work to strengthen the movement for the women.

It is process, movement, collective action, economic significance that enhances the ability of disadva..

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Lebara Child Development Project

To prevent and reduce severe malnutrition and school dropouts among slums children and pregnant mothers through the promotion of sustained healthy ....

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Targeted Intervention with Female Sex Workers

Gramodaya has now been implementing government FSW targeted intervention, by TANSACS at Viralimalai, in Pudukkottai district block covering 750 FSW with a project outlay of INR 16 lakhs. The primary activities under the project are - education on safer sex practices, condom promotion, referrals t..

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