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RCH Project

Gramodaya as a Voluntary Organization concentrating in this Manaparai Taluk in various development programmes, decided to intervene RCH programme approached GIRH for the RCH programme implementation, their timely participation enabled by and large the targeted community to learn, adopt and follow hygienic methods, precautionary measures during emergencies. As an integrated effort, nutritional content also encouraged through Women SHGs, where these Girls are benefited.

One year RCH Project with the financial support from Gandhigram Trust during the year 2002 – 2003 “Prevention and Control of RTI/STI among adolescents girls”. Implemented with the objectives of increasing the knowledge of RTI/STI among adolescents from the existing level through frequent orientation, awareness on health seeking behavior, reduced suspected RTI/STI cases among adolescents from earlier level through encouraging them to attend Hospitals, organizing health camps is resulted with success.

Reproductive rights are part and parcel of women has the right to decide whether, when and how to have children regardless of nationality, class, ethnicity, race age, religion, sexuality on marital status. However, in reality most women lack of opportunity to decide their own sexuality and fertility. This is an oppression of women.

Women undergo more risk in pregnancy child birth and unsafe abortion taking more responsibility for fertility regulation and are more vulnerable both biologically and socially to reproductive tract infection and sexually transmitted infections.

Adolescent pregnancies are high risk pregannacies, to avoid this delay in age at marriage on postpone the conception after two or three years after marriage. Health of adolescent girl is at high risk if they are married at very young age which leads to consequent child bearing anemia, premature birth complication during labor are significantly higher among adolescent mothers.

Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) affects the lives of majority of women of Reproductive age. These can be Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) on infections which are caused through unhygienic practices during menstruation, child birth or during delivery of F.P. services. Whatever the root cause RTI can be determinate to a women’s reproductive health. The presence of infection increases the transmission of potentially fatal infection. When left untreated Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) can develop which leads to infertility. Several serious concerns in pregnancy and child birth are related to the presence of RTI including intra uterine death and neo natal pneumonia.

Thus the implementation of the RCH programme is focused on the community needs and take initiative to organize health care services according to their needs with all intervention in Manaparai Taluk.


There is considerable ethnographic evidence of women’s relevance to seek care, especially gynecological health care, the rural women perceived gynecological problems as a normal aspect of women hood unless there problems reach severity. The most frequently reported illness by their rural women are white vicinal discharge, pain in abdomen and back irregular menstrual bleeding, leg pain and sexual weakness. In addition, there are lots of people suffered with RTI/STI problems in that area and induced abortion related with adolescent. Sexual activity before marriage and unhygienic practices during menstruation and child birth. In this juncture our organization feels to take up a study to control the diseases and problems in an integrated manner.


  1. To increase the knowledge of RTI/STI among adolescents from the existing level.
  2. To reduce the RTI/STI prevalence among the targeted population
  3. To create awareness on menstrual hygiene postnatal hygiene
  4. To promote adolescent health through IEC intervention to conduct screening camps to identify RTI/STIs and reduce its existence and periodical treatment

From its inception Gramodaya undertakes welfare programmes for the women and children and focusing our attention on their health and other development needs. The prime object of our organization is to promote holistic health to women and reduce maternal morbidity and mortality and improve their socio-economic standards. When the RCH objectives were also focusing the same theme on women’s reproductive child health the consistency of Gramodaya and RCH objects are the same.

Strategy for achievement of objectives

Strengthen maternity care services by ensuring timely defection management and referral of complication during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period, with intervention of sexually transmitted infection and reproductive infections, prevent maternal an neonatal mortality and morbidity, strengthen outreach services for ANC,PNC services management of infection and control, support for breast feeding and counseling for nutrition counseling and F.P. services.

  1. Ensure safe delivery at community and hospital level
  2. Improve nutritional status of adolescent at food supplementation to vulnerable groups
  3. IEC on safer sexual behavior, provision for clinical services, sexuality, gender information for adolescents