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Women Development

Women constitute half the world’s population, perform nearly two-third of work hours, received one-tenth of the world’s income and own less than one hundredth of the world’s property. This is the profile of women at the global level and it clearly depicts the injustice shown to them in spite of their rich contribution to global development. True development of women will happen only when a social transformation occurs. For this, primarily women should develop a healthy and positive attitude towards themselves. 

Internalizing this vision GRAMODAYA has initiated a process of organization of women in the rural villages. An intensive awareness building and education of women with regard to their situation in their homes, places of work and wider society is the first step in this process. Education and need based training are regular features of these organization. Women are also becoming increasingly aware of the social evils and issues and protesting against them collectively. Women must be involved as men in the struggle against poverty and injustice without such involvement, poverty may be overcome, but exploitation and oppression of women would remain unchanged. In addition, it is important for women to participate in political decision which determines the direction and pace of most of development plans. 

GRAMODAYA is aware of this and is taking up training of women for preparing of leadership. Leadership is important for women. Then only they will be able to make a dent male dominated society and continue to hold the power of decision making not related to women only but of the entire community. Unless, women come together and organize a mass campaign their situation will not change. Unless, strong solidarity groups grows between them, no legislation will protect them. They must change self concept image. The struggle is long indeed- but inevitable.