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Community education

Community education is one of the instruments for breaking the culture of silence in our society. Education is not the amount of information that is put in the brain and running riot there, undigested all through the life. We must have life building, man making and character making assimilation of ideas. Our education must provide intellectual and emotional fuel for social and economical changes. Therefore, GRAMODAYA has organized the Community Education Centers in all the villages. These centers are not a normal adult education programme, nor mush discussed non-formal education. Community education centers disseminate information and are a meeting ground of the villagers irrespective of age where debate is organized leading the silent eyes to emit sparkling of interest.

Many children cannot go to schools. They have to work. Some have to look after cattle and of their young ones. They are deprived of basic literacy and knowledge. Through the community education centers, they are able to know and recognize letters. The elders, the youth and the women are organized in the centers to stimulate the discussion on daily problems, local issues, the problem may relate to land or water, atrocities on women, child nutrition and government programmes etc. illiteracy is a personal tragedy and powerful force in preserving inequality and oppression. People need not have any educational system that helps to gain life bread out of the village, but one that will re-vitalise it. They need an education system that perpetuate poverty and in-equality, but one of that helps to end them. This is a method of presentation of the people to people themselves. This is known as the community education centers.