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Economic Development Programmes

GRAMODAYA’s economic programmes are for sustenance of community and we aim that our various activities will lead the poor to organize themselves with community sprit so that they acquire sufficient strength and confidence to be able to make full use of their legitimate share in the official programmes and services supposed to have been made available to them. Our activities are generated at the grass root level with plants prepared by the people themselves.
It is very important that the land people owned, however, small it may be, must be grouped and brought under cultivation. Agriculture without assured irrigation is a gamble because of the vagaries of monsoon. Thus, our programme is to provide assistance for these small and marginal farmers who owned the land and gained the land to provide facilities for irrigation and systematic cultivation and knowledge of agriculture which in turn provides employment and food. 
The underlying thematic refrain in GRAMODAYA’s economic development work with the depressed communities has been that of affinity- of a community with itself. This makes GRAMODAYA’s refreshing contrast to conventional approaches to economic development. Traditionally, community development in India has been deployed as a tool to build a social sense. But, GRAMODAYA has meshed the social and economic gain, and the physical with the metaphysical boding effect of a community seeking unity to develop itself. The overall view of GRAMODAYA’s economic programme is one of community involvement and community participation to attain self-sufficiency.